Welcome to Cooking Up a Sale!  Join me as I try to keep my family's grocery bill down while still creating interesting, tasty food for my family.

About Cooking Up a Sale
good food
good finances
good fun

That's the short and sweet version.  If you are interested in more details, feel free to read on...

My goals here at Cooking Up a Sale are:
1.  To have some fun blogging about two of my favorite subjects ~ FOOD, and saving money on groceries.
2.  To help you balance good food and good finances. 

I primarily post new recipes based on Meijer sales, but there are other fun things to be found on the blog as well...bonus recipes, before-and-after pictures, stock-up alerts, giveaways, and more.  You can also check out the weekly Recipe Round-up for a list of "old" recipes that use ingredients found in the current Meijer sale ad.  I hope you find a good dose of inspiration for your menu plan and your grocery budget here at Cooking Up a Sale!

If you'd like more information about the background of Cooking Up a Sale, feel free to read the following posts:
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About Lisa
wife to a great guy
mom to four funny kids
chief cook and grocery shopper

Again, for those of you who like it short and sweet, that's it. If you like details, feel free to keep reading.

I love (in no particular order except for the first two!)...
God, family, clutter-free countertops, brownie sundaes, writing, overhearing my daughters share secrets in bed at night, cooking, strong coffee with lots of cream (two rather large mugs every morning), baby giggles, big kid giggles, bright pink wave petunias, our awesome church family, shrieks and splashes on a sunny summer day, clean sheets, warm weather, inspirational fiction (yup I'm a big ol' sap), bringing order to a home, camping, watching my son follow his dad around the yard, saving money on groceries, digital scrapbooking, the smell of bread baking, softball, hearing my two-year-old sing "Jesus Loves Me" 47 times every day, waterskiing, Olive Garden, a good long walk with a friend, my cute pink-and-white-paisley wireless mouse, watching college football (Go Blue!) on Saturdays in the fall, zip-up sweatshirts, picking out just the right gift, making to do lists

I dislike...
alarm clocks that make rude noises when the first number is still a five, sand on my kitchen floor, working out with Jillian Michaels (a necessary evil!), allergy sneezes that get stuck in my sinuses, long return lines, skipping breakfast, being cold, misspelled words and typos, hearing "I'm bored", ironing, stepping on Legos with bare feet, long-distance phone bills, expensive comforters that rip in multiple places after one year, cleaning up puke (particularly between the hours of midnight and 5AM), trying on clothes in retail stores, putting away Christmas decorations, trying to settle fights between kids...and trying to decide IF I should settle the fights, saying good-bye to my out-of-state sister-in-laws, rainchecks, re-warmed coffee, shaving my legs (but don't worry, I do it anyway!), cluttery surfaces and corners, lost sippy cups that I just KNOW have milk in them

I do my best to make sure the first list is always longer than the second list...on this blog, and in real life. I also add to and delete from both lists as life changes :)


  1. Fun lists Lisa! I'm enjoying the meal ideas and recipes!☺

  2. Hey Lisa, I got the fun opportunity to award 15 bloggers with the Versatile award, so I wanted to give you one ~ cause I do enjoy your blog! Thanks for a job well done, congrats and check out the post here! http://favoritefamilyfoods.wordpress.com/2012/08/06/an-award-zucchini-fries/