Monday, February 13, 2012

Thou Shalt Not...

Saturday night during family devotions, my husband took a moment to explain something about the text we were reading.  He wrapped up his explanation by saying "So that's why, in church, on Sundays, we hear "Thou shalt not..."

Before he could finish his sentence using one of the Ten Commandments, our almost-5-year-old son filled in the blank for him.


Well, yes.  That IS what he hears on Sunday...because every Sunday after the worship service, we tell him not to run in church!


  1. What is your contact info? I can't find it anywhere on the blog. Thanks

    1. I have my contact info on some of the informational posts, such as "Start Here", but in case you can't find it there, my email address is

  2. He cracks me up! At least you know he remembers what you tell him what not to do!