Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tropical Chicken Salad

(This recipe was first posted in conjunction with the Meijer Ad Week of 5/27/12 - 6/2/12)

This chicken salad is delicious on bread, bagels, and croissants.  The almonds and celery give it just the right crunch, and the pineapple adds a hint of sweetness.

1 - 20 oz can pineapple tidbits
4 cups chicken, cooked and cubed
4 hard-boiled eggs, chopped
1 C celery, diced small
1 C sliced or slivered almonds
2/3 C mayonnaise
2/3 C sour cream
1 1/2 tsp poppy seeds

Drain pineapple, but RESERVE 2 Tbsp of juice.  In a large bowl, combine pineapple, chicken, eggs, celery, and almonds.  In a separate bowl, combine mayonnaise, sour cream, and poppy seeds.  Stir in reserved pineapple juice.  Combine the two mixtures.  Refrigerate until serving. 

Options and Tips
  • This recipe tastes best with boneless, skinless chicken breast, but if you're looking to cut costs, try using dark meat instead.
  • The easiest way to pre-cook chicken breast:  Trim all visible fat.  Place in a greased baking pan.  Bake 10 minutes in a preheated 400 degree oven.  Turn all pieces over and bake 10 more minutes.  Remove the thinnest pieces (they should be cooked through by now), and return any thick pieces to the oven for 2 more minutes or so.

This recipe, in its original form, can be found on page 196 of the 2002 Taste of Home's Holiday and Celebrations Cookbook.  I made quite a few adjustments to the quantities and instructions.

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