Saturday, September 29, 2012

Caramel Apple Brownie Sundaes

[This recipe was first posted in conjunction with Meijer Ad week of 9/30/12-10/6/12]

I can hardly believe I'm suggesting an alternative to the classic brownie sundae.  After all, it's a staple in my diet!  But after I made Apple Brownies, it (of course) made me think of a brownie sundae.  This recipe is for those of you who want something other than chocolate for dessert.  It's definitely going on our list of fall favorites!

6 Apple Brownies
6+ scoops of vanilla ice cream
Caramel Sauce:
25 caramels, unwrapped (about half the bag)
1/4 C milk

Place caramels and milk in heat-proof glass bowl.  Microwave on 70% power for two minutes, stirring well after each minute.  Microwave on 70% power for 30 seconds.  Stir again.  Repeat microwaving in 30 second intervals until caramels are completely melted and sauce is smooth after stirring.  Set aside.  Top apple brownies with ice cream.  Pour caramel sauce on top.  Serve immediately.  Refrigerate leftovers of caramel sauce.

Options and Tips:
  • Do NOT taste the caramel sauce right after it's prepared.  You WILL burn your tongue.  Ahem.
  • Vanilla bean or "natural vanilla" ice cream is fabulous as part of this sundae.
This is an original recipe.


  1. This IS genius. I WILL be making this...I have never seen the apple bars and NEVER thought of this dessert!!!! THANKS!!!

  2. Having had the apple brownies just by themselves - and they were so very good - I can only but imagine how good this would be. Granted I'm at my hungry time just before dinner - but I really could go for this right now! :-)