Saturday, September 22, 2012

Technical Difficulties

I just checked my email subscription list, and had a small panic attack.  All of my email subscribers have disappeared.  I'm sure that not all 145 of them decided to "unsubscribe", so I'm assuming there is a problem with Feedburner, the program I use for email newsletters.  I'm not sure how long this has been going on, or how long it will continue...but I'm hoping that all of the email addresses will be reinstated soon!  I have no way of retrieving the email addresses since they were automatically stored in Feedburner's database. 

The most ironic part of all of this is that I have no way of notifying my email subscribers that there is a problem...because they won't receive the new blog posts in their email.  The only way they'll find out is if they happen to click over to my blog!  I suppose it's possible that the email newsletters are still being delivered...but since all of the addresses have disappeared, it's not likely.

I hope to have this resolved soon!

Thanks for reading,


  1. Are you using Feedburner? Your addresses really aren't gone. If you check back your stats should be showing up now. Thank goodness, huh?

    1. Yup, it's a relief! The addresses have magically reappeared. I've heard rumors about Feedburner being discontinued, so I'm wondering if that had anything to do with it...but regardless, they are back now, and I've made a copy of the list just in case!