Tuesday, January 17, 2012

In My Kitchen: Modular Mates

Disclaimer:  I took the pictures for this post at night, so I had to use flash...and there's glare on almost all of the pictures!

I'll admit, I'm kind of a Tupperware junkie.  I own a lot of it, and I use it all!  All of their products are practical and sturdy, and I've never been disappointed with anything I've ordered.  Part of the reason I love my Tupperware is the lifetime guarantee that comes with almost every one of their products:  if it breaks, cracks, or doesn't seal properly, they'll replace it for free.  If your item was discontinued, they'll replace it with something similar instead.  Tupperware products will generally be more expensive than something you can pick up at Target or Meijer, but the replacement clause makes Tuppeware worth the money.  You can't go wrong with Tupperware!  

If I had to pick my all-time favorite Tupperware product, I'd pick
Modular Mates.  

Their airtight seals keep everything fresh for a long time, and the clear containers mean that I can see when I'm running low on something.  And guess what?  I picked Modular Mates for the first "In My Kitchen" post because
Modular Mates are 40% off until January 27! This is an awesome deal!

I keep all of my baking products in Modular Mates, and I'm gradually adding to my collection with containers for rice, pasta, and snacks.

Normally, my baking products are on a sliding shelf/drawer in my pantry, but I took them out for the next few pictures to do a little "Modular Mate 101".

Modular Mates come in various shapes and sizes, but they are all stackable...which means that it's super easy to keep your baking and cooking ingredients organized and neat!

First, let's talk about shapes.  The shapes I use are oval, super oval, and rectangle.  Modular Mates also come in round and square, but I prefer the rectangles and super ovals, because they fit perfectly front-to-back in most cupboards.  This means that there is no wasted space behind or in front of the containers.  However, rounds, ovals and squares might be useful for someone with more shallow cupboards, or on a lazy susan.  I do own some ovals, and they work out great for things that come in smaller packages, such as baking soda and baking powder.  I also use the spaghetti dispenser, which is round.  In the picture below, you can see that the rectangles and the super ovals are the same depth, and the ovals are shorter.

Now, let's talk about height.  Modular Mate heights are labeled by number.  A "1" is the shortest, a "2" is equal to the height of two "1s", a "3" is equal to the height of a "2" and a "1", or to the height of three "1s", and so on.  Rectangles and squares come in sizes 1-4, and ovals and super ovals come in sizes 1-5.  In the picture below, I've stacked some of my baking products so that they equal a "5" in height:  flour in a rectangle 3, sugar, powdered sugar, and oatmeal in rectangle 2s, cream of wheat in a rectangle 1, coconut in a super oval 2, cornstarch in a super oval 1, and baking powder and baking soda in oval 1s. 

Here's another way to stack them.  In this picture you can see that two ovals or super ovals can fit side-by-side on top of a rectangle. 

A few more things:
  • If you're not sure exactly what sizes/shapes you will need, check out the  handy storage chart on the Tupperware website.  You can find out exactly which container(s) will hold that 10 lb bag of flour or that little bag of walnuts.
  • Tupperware also carries specialty Modular Mates that have cool features like flip-top pour spouts and open access fronts.
  • The current seal (cover) choices are red, blue, and black.  My Modular Mates have green seals, but they are 12 years old!   
  • Like the labels on my Modular Mates?  You can purchase blank labels and use the label documents on Tupperware's website to print your own at home.
  • If you'd like to purchase Modular Mates or you need more information, shoot me an e-mail.  I can set you up with a couple of really nice Tupperware consultants who will be glad to help you out!  Side note:  Tupperware is NOT paying me to post this...I'm putting up this post simply because Modular Mates are something that I use and love on a daily basis!
Now it's your turn!  Do you own Modular Mates?  What do you like about them?  Do you use them for anything besides food storage?  Did I miss anything important about them?


  1. Lisa, great description! I am very impressed w/ all your Tupperware knowledge :)
    As Lisa said, Modular Mates are 40% off right now through January 27th. They only go on sale once a year so get them now!
    Take a look on my website www.my.tupperware.com/lindsayschimmel
    If you have any questions or need additional info you can email me at linzschim@yahoo.com

  2. Modular Mates are my #1 choice of all of the Tupperware products. A great way to keep your cupboards looking neat!

  3. Lisa,
    I use my Tupperware every day, just as you do. I really like the Modular Mates as well and love the variety of sizes available. The super ovals must be something new as I don't remember seeing them before.(I will admit it has probably been 8 or 9 years since I have been to a Tupperware party!) I have had most of mine since I first got married (26 years tomorrow) and they still work as well as when they were new!

  4. Hi there I LOVE mm so much I started selling Tupperware a year ago just so I can get them Cheeper. I Have to say I just love the versatility. My pantry is like a big black hole it fits a super and a oval front to back. Crazy deep. I love being able to see evey thing and remember to pick more up and brown sugar never goes hard and if you put it in hard it will soften it up. And I did crack on too it was my mothers I forget to give back. And not a problem returned free. Great company to work with and great products.

  5. Can I use Modular Mates in the refrigerator?

    1. Yes, you may use these in the fridge. They won't necessarily keep produce fresher longer (Tupperware has other products for that) but you may store any food item in these in the refrigerator.