Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stock-up Alert: French Fried Onions

I stumbled on an un-advertised deal at Walgreens in Jenison.  Sorry, but I do not know if other Walgreens stores in our area have the same deal going on right now.  (If you happen to find the same deal at a different Walgreens, please let everyone know by posting in the comments!)

They currently have 2.8 oz cans of French's French Fried Onions marked down to $1.19 as a "last chance sale".  I was out, and figured that wasn't such a bad price, so I picked up one can.  When I got to the cash register, it rang up at 49 cents!  I ran back to grab five more, and they all rang up at that price. 

These are the small cans, but this is still a fabulous deal!  The regular price on a 6 oz bag of Meijer brand French Fried Onions is $3.19 per package, so you could maybe snag them on sale for $2.00.  That means that the Walgreens price for the name brand product is about half the sale price of the Meijer brand product.

French Fried onions make a great topping for the classic vegetable and green bean casseroles.  You can also try them on burgers or mashed potatoes for something different!

And yes, Walgreens still has plenty of cans left, and they are still ringing up at 49 cents!


  1. I was at Walgreens in Jenison today (Jan. 19). I am guessing that so many people read this that they were all gone---I couldn't even find a spot on the shelf for the onions. Were they in the aisle with the regular groceries?

    1. When I bought them they were down a grocery aisle...I am not sure if they moved them or not. I just called down to the store and the woman I spoke with said they still have "tons of them down aisle 8." She also confirmed that they are still ringing up for 49 cents. I am sorry that you went there and did not find them!

  2. Thanks to Lori Bouwkamp Ellerbroek for posting the following tip on Facebook: "There is a coupon on the French's website for 30cents off any!"
    I checked it out...the coupon IS there (and most websites will let you print their coupons twice). Heads up: you have to set up an account with your email address and a password before you can view the coupons!

  3. I stopped in on my way past this morning and they still have about 50 cans on the shelf.

  4. Thanks for this e-mail. I didn't get the opportunity to check out my Wal-greens until Friday - so I only found one can. Out here in CA they were 57 cents - but still what a deal. I called the next town over and they were totally out as well. So it seems Wal-greens has the same deals across the states even if they vary in price just a little bit.