Friday, March 30, 2012

Easy Weekend Meal: Baked Sandwiches

Need an easy meal this weekend?  Check out these delicious, easy baked sandwiches, from Andrea at Simple Organized Living.  I've made these sandwiches multiple times and I get requests for the recipe each time.  The sandwiches are made on brown-n-serve rolls* (on sale at Meijer this week for 99 cents), topped with a yummy sauce, and then baked until the tops get slightly crispy.  You can use any variety of deli meat and cheese you happen to have in the house, and you only need to get one measuring spoon dirty when you make the sauce (measure the dry ingredients first, then the moist ones).  I hope you like these sandwiches as much as we do!

Check out the recipe here:

*Brown-n-serve rolls are always 99 cents at Aldi, but they don't work quite as well for this recipe.  They're a little smaller and taller, so the tops of the sandwiches slide off during baking, and the cheese leaks out too easily.


  1. How I wish for a Meijer in Iowa! I still can't find decent warm & serve rolls out here (my sandwiches all fell apart and were small.) I'll have to stock up on my next visit! Yummy recipe :)

  2. Your site is awesome! Thanks for the inspiration on both saving and food! I did these with King's Hawaiian Rolls, as they were on sale at D&W.(B1G1, plus coupon! $1.69 for 24 and they were huge!) It didn't absorb as it would have if used the brown and serve. (Perhaps if they were soaked overnight???) However, they were delicious! And GONE!

  3. I used the same type of roll but they were not the brown and serve. They were already cooked. I had them left over from a picnic lunch. So I made half the topping since I had less than a dozen. I put them in my oven before p.m. church on a preset oven of 300 degrees. They cooked for 30 minutes and were ready when we walked in the door. They were so good. My kids loved them. My husband was impressed that I had hot food ready for the kids before we left to go visiting. I got a huge kiss. :-)