Friday, October 12, 2012

31 Days:: Buy Generic

Most stores carry their own brand of almost every product, in addition to stocking the national name brands.  Sometimes you can tell a difference between the two, but most of the time the taste, texture, and smell of the store brand (or generic) are almost identical to the national brand.

In addition to being just as (or almost as) good as name-brand products, store-branded products are usually cheaper.  That is, when you compare the regular prices. 

There are times when the national name brand is cheaper than the store brand.  This usually happens when you can use a coupon for an on-sale name brand item.  In that case, the regularly-priced generic item will probably be more expensive.  However, there have been times when I arrive at the store ready to purchase the on-sale name brand item with my coupon, only to find that the Meijer brand item is still cheaper!

Coupons for generic products are rare, but most grocery stores regularly run sales on their store-brand products...which means that the cheaper version of the name brand product just got even cheaper.

So, are generics a better deal or not?  It depends on the week, and it depends on the product.  Take the time to do the math, and if you find that the generic is a better deal, give it a try!  If you find that you really can tell a difference and you prefer the name brand product, you can go back to it the next time you need that particular item.  Choke down what's left in the jar, or hide it in a casserole :)  But then try a different generic product next time.

Do you buy generic?  Why or why not?  What are your favorite generic products?

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