Saturday, October 20, 2012

31 Days:: Lift the Flap

As I push a cart up and down the aisles of my grocery store, I am surrounded by little signs that scream "Sale!", "Price Drop!" or "In-Store Special!"  Those little signs list the sale price, and in many grocery stores, they are arranged in such a way that they cover the original price.  Sometimes the signs play fair and they tell you how much you are saving ("Save .30"), but other times, you're on your own.  Do yourself a favor and lift the sale flap.  You might be surprised at what can be called a sale!

I'll never forget the time I saw diapers on "sale" for $8.97.  It didn't sound like that great of a price, but I was running low so I picked up a pack.  Out of curiosity, I lifted up the sale flap...only to find that the original price was $8.99!  You can bet I started lifting the flaps a whole lot more often after that!

Meijer (where I do most of my shopping) now shows the original price and the sale price on the sale "flap".  But regardless of whether you need to "lift the flap" or not to see the original price, make sure you check it!  Comparing the original price of an item to the sale price will help you decide if now is the time to stock up and buy five cans of tomatoes, or if now is the time to just buy the one can you need for that recipe.  If the price is nothing spectacular, wait for a better sale (don't worry, there will be a better one!) before stocking up.

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  1. Great tip, Lisa. I often do this, too, and have run into the same lame kind of "sale" you're talking about.

    SO FUN to see you yesterday. Thanks for stopping by. Prayed for you at different times and hope your travel was safe and smooth!